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The Western Massachusetts Pioneer in Senior Living

A collection of interesting articles as they relate to aging provided by The Loomis Communities in the Pioneer Valley, MA. Click on any of the "buttons" below to be taken to the article. If you enjoy reading these, sign up for our RSS feed to be included right away when a new article is published and see it arrive in your inbox.

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Want to have the above articles on your computer? Download the pdf files of each of these here below. Or subscribe to the RSS channel so that you may received these in your inbox as they come out.

    1. Bucket List Bucket List --- Last Updated: 15-Mar-2016 12:12 PM; file size: 435 KB
    2. Colorful Rooms Colorful Rooms --- Last Updated: 16-Feb-2016 02:49 PM; file size: 174 KB
    4. Teen Idols Teen Idols --- Last Updated: 15-Mar-2016 12:10 PM; file size: 506 KB