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Loomis News

Photographs by Elaine Mishkind at Applewood

On Thursday, July 31, from 4 – 5 pm there will be a gallery reception of photographs by Amherst resident Elaine Mishkind at Applewood, 1 Spencer Drive, Amherst. The exhibit will be open to public from July 31 through October 19, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, and weekends by appointment. For more information please call, Christine Sulborski, 413-253-9833.

From childhood until she retired, Elaine Mishkind’s identity and life centered around her family and the violin--as a performer and teacher. Arthritis forced her to give up music. Her loss was further compounded by illness and the loss of her husband.

However, the Amherst area landscapes provided a healing environment. Their visual beauty spoke to Elaine’s soul. Visits to local galleries showcasing local artists were also an inspiration. John Green’s nature walks and slide shows opened up a whole new world. She found herself taking “pretty pictures” but she wanted more… Elaine wanted to create beautiful images that took one’s breath away.

Once the intention was set, the path opened. Elaine enrolled in photography classes offered by Robert Floyd at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. As her skills and “seeing” developed, she spent many hours in timelessness, exploring the unfolding wonders that her newly acquired SLR camera’s lens revealed. Elaine experienced moments of overwhelming joy, even ecstasy and a sense of connection with the universe.

Her instructor Robert Floyd became a mentor who supported and guided her through a journey of learning. At his gallery, she met an award winning photographer, Judy Cummings, whose expertise in printing photographs completed the process of bringing Elaine’s images to life. Elaine’s first show opened in 2007 at Rock Ridge in Northampton, MA and then moved to the Robert Floyd Gallery in Southampton, MA.

Her hope is that she has succeeded in communicating to exhibit visitors some of the feelings the subjects have evoked in her. Creating the images has brought her much joy, as does sharing them through her exhibit. Her journey continues….

About The Loomis Communities:

The Loomis Communities has been a visionary in exceptional senior living throughout the scenic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. It was the first organization in the state to open a continuing care retirement community.

With a mission of enriching the lives of older adults, The Loomis Communities offers independent living apartments and cottages, assisted living and skilled nursing care on four campuses in the Pioneer Valley: Applewood in Amherst, Loomis House in Holyoke, Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing in Springfield, and Loomis Village in South Hadley.

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