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The Western Massachusetts Pioneer in Senior Living

Loomis Village Fee Structure

When you become a resident at Loomis Village, your fees for an independent living residence include a one-time entrance fee, together with a regular monthly fee. The fees cover the use of your home, access to lifestyle options, and priority access to health and personal care.

You will be pleased to know that the fees cover most of the typical expenses you currently have, such as utilities, real estate taxes, and maintenance fees, while also providing you a palate of outstanding services and amenities such as a dining program, activities and much more as described under Services and Amenities.

When selecting an independent living apartment, cottage, or villa home, the community offers two entrance fee plans and price points from which to choose.  Both plans provide you a valuable asset preservation benefit.

  • Option #1: The entrance fee is returned to you or your estate on a “declining refundable” basis when you leave your apartment home, or
  • Option #2: The entrance fee is 90% refundable.

All health care and assisted living services are offered on a fee-for-service basis. When selecting as assisted living residence, the community offers two plans from which to choose:

  • Option #1: A monthly fee-only plan, or
  • Option #2: A modest entrance fee with a reduced monthly fee.

At Loomis Village assisted living, our rates are all-inclusive, so you won’t be nickled-and-dimed by routine service level changes.