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Loomis Library

A collection of interesting articles as they relate to aging provided by The Loomis Communities in the Pioneer Valley, MA. Click on any of the "buttons" below to be taken to the article. If you enjoy reading these, sign up for our RSS feed to be included right away when a new article is published and see it arrive in your inbox.

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Teen Idols

She was one of the most stunning movie stars of the 1960s. With her long, blonde hair and trademark bangs, cat eyeliner and perfect figure, Brigitte Bardot was envied by women and desired by men. Bardot was a sex symbol, but there was a certain innocence about her as well.

Colorful Rooms

paint roller

Your new apartment at The Loomis Communities is a blank canvas where you can begin to paint your retirement life. But what colors should you choose?



?4U. 1DR if it’s gonna be ADP 2D. WYWH. TTYL.

Bucket List

Have you made a bucket list? Perhaps you’ve got some vague ideas about what you want to do in your life rolling around in your head. Making a bucket list requires you to stop and think about what your desires and priorities really are. It encourages you to learn more about your world. It gives you something to dream about and reminds you to live your life to the fullest. And it’s fun! So grab a notebook and pencil or start a file on your computer or tablet.


Are you worried about the winter and the shoveling and cold? Consider what life at The Loomis Communities could be.

Dementia Community Support

The Loomis Communities in partnership with the Holyoke Council on Aging and Senior Center and other area agencies is announcing a program to make Holyoke a Dementia Friendly Community. Such a community includes residents who are informed, safe and respectful of individuals with dementia and their families and provides supportive options for improved quality of life.

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