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Loomis House
Rehabilitation Services

Loomis House offers rehabilitation in partnership with Genesis Rehab Services. A professional staff of physical, occupational, and speech therapists offers services to nursing center residents up to seven days each week.

Physical therapists assist with muscle strengthening, transfer training, gait training, balance, and fall prevention. Community re-integration skills such as the ability to bathe and dress independently are provided by occupational therapists. The speech-language pathologist addresses swallowing difficulties, speech, and communication disorders.

Lin Coffey, Program Manager for Genesis Rehab, has been a therapist for 35 years and is committed to partnering with the Loomis House staff to enrich the lives of residents by helping them to achieve their highest level of independence.

The rehabilitation team partners with Accelerated Care Plus (ACP), a company that specializes in innovative equipment combined with training and education for many different conditions. New, state-of-the-art equipment at Loomis House includes ultrasound and diathermy, used to treat pain and create healing in muscles, joints, and tissues. Both are used for chronic and acute pain. In addition, electrical stimulation is available for use in assisting with re-educating of muscles to make them stronger. Additional equipment includes an Omnicycle Elite bicycle, most often used to help increase cardiopulmonary endurance and muscle control. It is also used for conditions such as arthritis pain, shortness of breath, falls, and general strengthening.