Applewood Testimonials

Madge Lenz Applewood Arboretum

You ask why I love living here at Applewood? I just don’t know where to begin. First of all because of its small size you can feel all the genuine warmth and congeniality of all the residents here. The entire staff, dining room servers, health workers, maintenance people etc. are always ready to serve or help you in any way they can (with a smile).

Being in this 5 college area, we’re fortunate to have so many stimulating, interesting talks, movies, and fascinating documentaries. You can also enjoy gym classes, meditation, monthly social hours, etc. A big bonus is all the many wonderful planned trips to museums, concerts etc plus the daily trips for shopping, doctors’ appointments... In other words, even if you no longer drive, you’ll be well taken care of.

Applewood Residents at Farmers Market
Applewood Resident Rosina

Praise for the storm work

Published in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

As a resident in Applewood, I have learned to take help and service pretty much for granted.

But, I was really impressed with the way the 2015 snow-storm was handled. The day before the storm we received an automated call from the Loomis Communitites (of which Applewood is a part) explaining what to expect during the storm and warning residents not to go outside. The message also assured residents that extra staff would be available during the storm. Indeed, a number of staff members spent the night on cots set up in various public areas, and others made it in by car.

An excellent meal was prepared as a "take out buffet" served by senior staff members. The administrators did not want the usual young wait staff to be at risk trying to make it here.

Thanks to the Loomis/Applewood staff.

Arnold Friedmann