Loomis Communities

A Season of Giving

The giving tree at Applewood for local families.

This holiday season, The Loomis Communities is giving back to those in the cities and towns that we call home. Through toy drives, clothing drives, stocking stuffer events, and more; the team members and residents who work and live here are making an impact.

At Applewood, a tree filled with presents, hats, socks, and more made their way from our community to more than fifty children in Springfield. What started off as tags on the branches ended with Christmas surprises for so many.

Our annual winter gear tree at Loomis Village.

At Loomis Village, a tree adorned with mittens, scarfs, and hats greeted all those who entered our doors. It is a yearly tradition, with the donations going to those in the Pioneer Valley who need winter gear. Many of the scarfs were also handmade by Loomis Village residents. In addition to the winter gear, team members and residents also donated decks of cards for the Friends of South Hadley Seniors. More than 450 decks were donated and stuffed in stockings!

Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing residents and team members were extremely busy with toy drives of their own! Nearly half a dozen bins of new, unwrapped toys were collected to be given to multiple agencies in Springfield.

Team Member Michelle helps bring toys out to a waiting car as donations are picked up.

We cannot thank our team members and residents enough. Their generosity and good will during the holiday season embodies everything that The Loomis Communities stands for. We are honored that they chose here to live and work!

Happy Holidays to all!