Loomis Communities

Celebrating Pride as an Older Adult

This past week, the Resident Inclusion and Social Justice Committee was pleased to welcome JM Sorrell, a Justice of the Peace who has married many LGBTQ+ couples, has taught and hosted classes for the Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership, has directed an LGBTQ+ older adult services and advocacy group, and works extensively with older adults.  She is our guest at the request of Seunghee Cha, one of the members of our Loomis Communities Board of Directors.

JM’s discussion with us was all about the needs and issues facing older LGBTQ+ adults.  Specifically, two questions:  Are there organizations specifically designed for older LGBTQ+ adults, similar to that of Transhealth?  If we have people of our generation at Loomis Village who have not come out, are there things we can do to make it easier for them?

The discussion and dialogue created through this conversation opens an opportunity to balance our understanding of issues facing younger generations of LBGTQ+ Americans with the history, needs and issues of their elders. By gaining a greater awareness of the lives of LGBTQ+ Americans, we are in a better position to truly promote Inclusion and Social Justice.