Loomis Communities

Supporting Transgender Through Allyship

At The Loomis Communities, we are always looking for ways to further not only ourselves, but our education and understanding of others. That is why we are elated to have welcomed Jessica Plant, Nathanial Jones-Sikes MSW, Melissa Heckman LICSW/MEd, and Andrew Cronyn MD to discuss Trans Basics with residents of Loomis Village. Together we can all learn how transgender allyship is supportive.

We cannot thank Melissa and the rest of her team for taking the time to stop in! Transhealth of Northampton, MA is an organization that supports trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals with care. They support their health via in-person and telehealth visits with adult and pediatric primary care; as well as mental healthcare, gender-affirming hormonal care, and community support and engagement.